Copy errors to clipboard in IDE

Is it possible to copy the errors that appear in the Error Window to the clipboard. I dont think it is and it would be a great feature especially when you need to copy error message to send to developers of plugins, modules, add-ons etc. Ideally it should be possible to copy the selected error and all errors in the list to the clipboard so that they can be pasted into an email. If this is not possible is it worth putting it in as an IDE feature request?

I think it is possible (I think to recall that).

Just try to select the text (click move mouse…) if this works, copy (cmd-c / ctrl-c).

App has an event “UnhandledException(error As RunTimeException) As Boolean”

If you put

Dim c As New Clipboard c.Text = error.Message

In there you should have the error message in your clipboard.

Untested though.

No you miss understand, I am talking about when you compile and you get an error in the Error window at the bottom of the IDE. When you add something and you get a compile error you cannot copy the errors to the clipboard to post on a forum or to send to someone etc. I have tried every which way in the IDE before posting this but I dont think it is possible, maybe something Norman could as I think it would be easy to do and I think he looks after the IDE stuff,.

[quote=97092:@Emile Schwarz]I think it is possible (I think to recall that).

Just try to select the text (click move mouse…) if this works, copy (cmd-c / ctrl-c).[/quote]
I am sorry, my memory is bad, it is not possible to select anything from there.

It certainy is in a different software that Click-Move the mouse to select text works.

As a workaround you can grab the screen graphic of the error box and post it as such or send it by email as attachment.

Being able to select and copy the text itself would be only natural as far as GUI is concerned, though. I think you should definitely file a feature request.

Thats what I currently do which is ok but when it becomes a real pain (especially when you are new to Xojo) is when you get an error message that just doesnt make any sense and you want to copy the message to paste into the forum / user manual to see what the error means. I think I am going to log this as a feature request.