Copy color from color picker

I have a customgroupbox that lets you set BoxColor and HeaderColor etc.
It uses a color picker and I have it set to a nice green.

But it does not display the hex code for it, nor do I see a way to “copy” the color.

I need to get that color so I can set the same color in other places in my app.

How do I copy that color or get the value of it from the color picker?

run the program and
Dim c as color = HeaderColor.Color
Break ?

you can create a constant

Public Const mygreen as Color = &c045B00

or a property (if you need to change the color)

Public Property mygreen as Color = &c045B00

If you just once want to know the color, you can take a screenshot, load that with your favorite image editing tool, select the color and have the value…

Thanks for all the suggeastions!

Say I use a dropper tool and figure it out… the only way I see to set it in the developer studio is by using the color picker which for some reason does not have a corresponding text box to set the RGB or HEX value. So even if I know it I can’t set it in the settings…

I’d have to set it in code which is kind of annoying. Maybe this is fixed in a more recent version of Xojo.

I did a quick google search and IT TURNS OUT that if you go under Applications → Utilities there is a nifty tool there called Digital Color Meter which lets you dropper anything on your entire screen and it will tell you the RGB color for it. I may need to convert that to HEX to make a color constant out of it but handy tool!