Copy and Paste stopped working

Earlier this week I lost the ability to copy and paste with Xojo 2014r3 and later. 2014r21 continued to work. I couldn’t copy or paste within Xojo, copy from Xojo to another program or paste from another program into Xojo. Edit|Copy, Edit|Paste, ^C, ^P, nothing worked. I’m was running on a new Windows 8.1 laptop so I updated a Win 7 desktop to 2014r32. Same problem. Since my Xojo license expired about 2 weeks ago, I set out to prove to myself that there was a time bomb in Xojo that disabled copy and paste after the license ran out. What better way to get someone to renew. Besides, it worked while in license and only stopped when the license expired. I updated an older unlicensed Win 7 machine to the latest version and loaded an old rbp program. Bingo. Copy and paste work. For the final proof, I went to the Xojo website to free up one of my licenses so I could license that computer. Oops. It was already licensed. So much for the time bomb theory.

Back to the other laptop. I opened the same rbp file and still could not copy or paste. Reboot. Instead of starting Xojo, I used Windows Explorer to find the rbp file on the network and double clicked on it. Bingo. All is good. I never realized how much I use copy and paste until it wasn’t there. My apology to Geoff and his crew for thinking bad thoughts about them. Perhaps this post will help someone else with this problem. It might be me again.

Weird update. If the old rbp project is not open also, copy and paste do not work in my current project.

If you search the Forum, you will find several posts on this topic, all from Windows users IIRC.
I don’t believe there has been a single, reliable fix for it.