Cookies - Safari vs Home Screen WebApp

Hi All,

I’ve just been playing around with cookies in a web app, here’s what I’ve discovered, this is on an iPad 2, version 9.3.5

I’ve placed buttons in the app to Set, Remove, Count, GetValue of cookies.

In my web app which is hosted in Xojo Cloud, using Safari I’ve set a cookie. Following this I’ve saved
my app to the Home screen.

The Home screen app has taken with it the cookie that I set using Safari. The home screen app now
operates in it’s own cookie environment completely seperate from Safari.

If I delete the cookie in Safari, the cookie is still present in my Home screen app.

Deleting All website Data using the IOS Settings / Safari / Website Data / etc makes no difference to the Home screen app.

For security, I use a cookie to identify the device on start up, if it’s not identified the app won’t start, ( or rather it diverts to another URL ). As an experiment I deleted the cookie from within the Home Screen App. Whoops, My Home Screen App no longer let me in . To fix this I simply peeled off another working copy of my app containing a cookie from Safari to my Home Screen. Still no good, the new ( 2nd ) Home Screen copy didn’t seem to replace the cookie in the Home screen Cookie environment so now both copies won’t open.

I’ve since fixed.

All quite strange I thought. Rather handy at the same time for security reasons as once the Home screen App has been created there’s no way to tamper with - or loose the cookies other than from within the App.

I wonder does anyone know if any of this has changed for later versions ?