Converting to iosScreen to MobileScreen

When I change my screens from iOS to mobile I get this error and not sure where to fix it

Parameter "child" expects class iOSControl, but this is class MobileLabel.

Do you have iOSContainerControl or MobileContainer in your screen?

MobileScreen allows a mix & match of iOSControl and MobileUIControl objects.

Unfortunately MobileContainer does not allow that. All child elements of a MobileContainer must be MobileUIControl objects.
In the same way that all child elements of an iOSContainerControl must be iOSControl objects.

Add some feedback points to this feature request, if you want the transition to be easier in a future update of Xojo: <>

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No Containers on either of these screens and I changed all the ioslabels to mobilelabels but that probably wasn’t necessary since you say I can mix and match control objects. Is there anywhere else from the controls below I should check?

Seeing such an amount of controls, I’m sure some labels are inside a rectangle, or inside a Canvas. That will be the problem.

As you changed from iOSLabel to MobileLabel, you will also need to change the parent control from iOSRectangle to MobileRectangle

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Would it help if I unparent all controls that don’t need to be associated?