Converting Old 32 bit App - Scrolling Table

Just started a re-write of our app. It was done with the first version of xojo that did ios.

I have this table which really amounts to a menu. There are too many rows to show but the table won’t scroll.

Obviously many changes have happened.


Are you using a Datasource ?

Datasource will greatly improve performances when there are more than 20 rows to display.

It’s not a matter of performance and there is only 10 items. It just doesn’t scroll.

I’ve had the case where a table wouldn’t scroll because of a big amount of rows to display and I wasn’t using a datasource.
As you only have 10 items, issue lies somewhere else.

Do you have an iOSImageView behind the table ?

No, Does it need to be on something scrollable? The first version I’m pretty sure I just dropped the table on it, filled in the cells and it was good to go. I know a lot of changes happened to the table since Xojo’s first ios release.

Tables are scrollable by design, no need to add another scrollable control.

Table isn’t scrolling but are you able to tap on a row and trigger the Table.Action event ?
I’m wondering if the Table isn’t just hanging the app.

I’ll let you know…

False alarm! It is scrolling. I am recovering from Back surgery so I’ll blame it on the pain pills.

Thanks for bring me back to reality!