Converting HEIC Files

I want to be able to convert HEIC files to JPG within XOJO. I have the MBS plugins if it helps.

We can only convert them on Mac or iOS.

On Windows you’d need a command line tool to run via Shell function to do the conversion.

I don’t understand. I work in Windows and have been converting HEIC to JPG images without problems, totally within Xojo. I simply load the HEIC image into a Picture. From there I simply do a SaveAsJPEG.

When I tried it (about a year ago) I didn’t expect it to work but it does…at least for me.

If you are on Windows 10 there is an add-on for the operating system that adds support. It could be that you have this installed.

We are on Windows Server 2019, which does not have an add-on and I did as suggested and it is working, for some reason when I was trying yesterday, I was getting a TypeMismatchError.


Any ideas why the program would quit after processing the last HEIC file? It only happens when converting HEIC files though.

Nope. Not without seeing the code.