Converted Module to Class, but New is ignored

I converted a Module to Class. I have done this a few times with success.
The class is just about everything that was in the module - methods, properties, arrays etc.

I am now having a problem of the class not being instantiated.

There appears to be an exception. If I step through in the debugger, it is instantiated.

This code is in the method that opens a file.

If f.Exists Then//folderitem which exists ArMnt = New ArryMaintCL//ignored AmArray = New RowRwClass()//ignored End If

ArMnt is of type ArryMaintCL. ArryMaintCL is the Class (of the previous module). Yes the analyzer likes my code.
It has no constructor, and doesn’t really need one.
But ArMnt is now Nil. Also the same thing happens with another class AmArray.

If you put a breakpoint on the AmArray line, are you sure ArMnt is nil at that point?

I see no reason why ArMnt or AmArray would be Nil in that code. How do you know they are Nil? Where do you get the NilObjectException?

Are you storing them in a variable inside the method or in an object/module.
If for example you have a window variable ArMint, but also dim the same variable within the method, the method variable will be used inside the method and the window variable is untouched. Once the method exits, your object would be destroyed.

Sorry. I thought I had gotten rid of other bugs a while ago.
I just found or maybe created another.