Convert to Method Pair vs Convert to Computed Property

I noticed in Xojo 2019 R1 a new option on the contextual menu for properties. I use (extensively) the “Convert to Computed Property” function in the IDE and it appears to me that “Convert to Method Pair” does essentially the same thing except the methods are displayed elsewhere.

Functionally, is there a difference between the two or an advantage to using one over the other?

I’m sure I won’t go back and change every computed property to a method pair, but if there is a good reason I’ll use method pairs in the future as opposed to computed properties.

Methods can be overridden in a subclass but properties cannot.

Also computed properties can’t be arrays.

Method pairs cant be exposed in the property inspector where computed properties can

What you choose should be based on needs not “are they all the computed or get / set pairs”

Sometimes this may start as a simple exposed property and as the class evolves it becomes a get / set pair or a computed property