Convert subclasses to use desktop classes?

Just wondering if anyone has run into any issues changing their subclasses of the old base classes to the newer desktop classes?

I noticed that the new popup requires the use of the newer desktop classes so I have to change our classes to use the new desktop classes or I can’t utilize the new popup window.

I just re-read my post and thought I should explain more fully.

So I have a subclass of the listbox class called lbDefault. I want to change the base class for my lbDefault subclass to be DesktopListbox.

This would be the case for all the subclasses that I’ve created. Just wondering if there are any issues with this assuming that none of the methods we’ve added conflict with any new methods added to the new desktop classes.

You will need to handle the differences between Listbox and DesktopListbox for example the Grid Lines.

If you want to use popup then you don’t need to change everything. I’m no expert but maybe you need to update app, menu and Window where you are going to use the popup and not all your subclasses?

Thank you for the reply. Based on my test and the explanation of the popup window, you have to use a DesktopUI class to call the popup menu. The old classes, such as, button, do not work. The DesktopButton does work.

Correct, there are some extra requirements for the popup menu.

Some people go all the way and update everything to Desktop and API 2 to be current, maybe that is good thing for you too.