Convert program from real studio to Xojo 20202

How do I convert programs made in realStudio windows to Xojo2020 ??
Can you give me some advice?
thank you

Easy. Load it into your new Xojo IDE and start the debugger (or even better the Analyzer). Clean up all reported issues and your’e done. :wink:

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I would open the RealStudio project within the Real Studio Good Old Days IDE and a brand new project (from scratch) in the latest Xojo IDE next to each other and start rewriting. Rewriting based on an existing project is way faster than writing with only an idea of what you want to achieve.
I personally prefer rewriting rather than trying to fix everything that knocks you down during the conversion of very old code.

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thank you


But depending on the code, it’s always worth a try… :slight_smile:

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Maintaining code full of deprecated stuff might be more struggle. If the project is intended to exist for a reasonable time, I would definitely consider the rewrite option.

This is a summary of what we did:

  1. Analysed the RealStudio project in the Xojo IDE and made a list of the errors.
  2. Modified the RealStudio project to avoid the errors. In the scenario where names / parameters had changed we created helper modules / classes that emulated the new versions. We would then delete these classes after loading into the Xojo IDE.
  3. Goto 1

We used this approach so that we could still release updates to our system while the Xojo migration was in progress.

There were a few things that we still had to fix after the jump to Xojo but the majority of the work was done beforehand.

NOTE. Xojo changed their graphics architecture from GDI+ to Direct2D around v2016r4. This introduces its own headaches so it might be easier to initially target a version of Xojo that still uses GDI+.