Convert JPG or RAW image to MP4 or MOV

Has anyone got any experience of converting JPG or RAW image files into a movie i.e. one image file per frame? I know there is a lot of software out there which already accomplishes this task but I want to do it myself in Xojo. I do a lot of photography and in particular time-lapse photography and want to develop my own software for rendering my time lapse videos.

Have you looked into SIPS (if you have OSX), it comes with the Mac, and does a lot of that kind of stuff

you can write yourself an app. e.g. with our AVFoundation plugin.
Or with older QuickTime functions.

Thanks Michel, as I said i’m aware of what is available ‘off the shelf’ I already use commercial apps. I wanted to write my own.

Mike has already stated twice that he is not interested in ready made software - he wants to make it himself :slight_smile:

As far as I know there is nothing built in. Christian’s plugins, AVFoundation or Quicktime, are probably the easiest answer.

Otherwise that means diving into declares…

You can do it with imagemagick or ffmpeg via a shell but that would require installing some 3rd party libraries.

Probably the easiest way I have done is with MonkeyBread Quicktime plugin. You can make QT from image sequences no problem.

You can use an older version of Xojo/RealStudio that still has EditableMovie and QTVideoTrack.AppendPicture. Not sure when they were dropped and on Mac I think you’ll have to use Carbon, at least Cocoa+EditableMovie crashes in Xojo13r4 when the movie is closed. My Carbon apps that build movies still work great though.