convert greek letter

I want try to convert a greek letters to english letters like bellow.
That will be a filename,like >???.txt to Simera.txt

???????????????????????????????? aabgdeeziithiiklmnxooprsstyyfchpsoo

Can someone point me the right procedure what i need to look ?
thank you

Lots of different ways.

A number of ReplaceAll statements is simple

[code]Dim output as string

Output =
Output = ReplaceAll( Output, “a”, “?” )
Output = ReplaceAll( Output, “a”, “?” )
Output = ReplaceAll( Output, “b”, “?” )
… etc = Output[/code]

Put this function into a module (this is only for OS X):

[code]Function GreekToLatin(Extends s As String) As String
Declare Function CFStringCreateMutableCopy Lib “CoreFoundation” (CFAllocatorRef As Ptr, _
maxLength As Integer, theString As CFStringRef) As Ptr
Declare Function CFStringTransform Lib “CoreFoundation” (CFMutableStringRef As Ptr, CFRange As Ptr, _
transform As CFStringRef, reverse As Boolean) As Boolean
Declare Function UTF8String Lib “Foundation” Selector “UTF8String” (NSString As Ptr) As CString

Dim mutableStringRef As Ptr = CFStringCreateMutableCopy(Nil, 0, s)
If Not CFStringTransform(mutableStringRef, Nil, “Greek-Latin; Latin-ASCII”, False) Then
Raise New RuntimeException()
Return UTF8String(mutableStringRef)
End Function[/code]
Use it like this:

Dim greek As String = "????????????????????????????????" Dim latin As String = greek.GreekToLatin()

aabgdeeziithiiklmnxooprsstyyfchpsoo // what you want aabgdeezeethiiklmn'xooprsstyuphchpsoo // what you get with above function
The function does not return exactly what you need. You will have to dive into ICU User Guide to fine tune “Greek-Latin; Latin-ASCII” in the above function call.

thank you guys

Grrr. Other way round of course:

result=ReplaceAll(sourceString, oldString, newString)