Convert from xml to json

How hard is to convert a code that works with XML to JSON

Here is a good example with code from Charles Yeomans. Looks pretty Straight forward.


The given link to the XSLT in Charles Yeomans example doesn’t work anymore.
After some searching I found the new link:

Excellent update and thank you Paul!

Does anyone have experience on the performance difference of converting to json vs using xql to get the desired elements?

That would be nice to have , I have a very weird XML that makes it very difficult to parse it and honestly to much headache so until I find something better to work with I put it on standby .

There’s a class in TemperAPI (an open source, Xojo-based Web API for hosted FileMaker databases) that converts XML responses received from FileMaker Server to JSON. The class is named “XMLConverter” and it can be found in the XFM module. It’s not elegant, but it works.

If you’re interested, the TemperAPI project is available here:

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