Convert from RealBasic to Xojo

Hey I have a big project in RealBasic… been out of the loop working on other projects… need to push to convert over to Xojo.

Is there a guide for converting over to Xojo? I have searched the forum and checked documentation and haven’t found anything.

I’m under the gun so to speak to have it converted before Jan. 1.

Any help appreciated.


I downloaded Xojo and opened a copy of my project… get a bunch of errors on StyleGrid.
Do all 3rd party controls need to be substituted for Xojo versions? Is there a list somewhere?

You’ll need to make sure you have an updated version of the StyleGrid plugin. There is a new plugin format and there were SDK changes.

The biggest change that we’ve had is dealing with Threads. Updating UI elements from within a thread is a no-no (it always was, but it wasn’t enforced and now it is). Otherwise we’ve not had any issues.

Is there an updated plugin for StyleGrid? On his site the latest that is showing is:

  1. Mar. Jan 2011 - StyleGrid 9.0.1

I thought I saw in the Einhugur newsletter, that he still had yet to update the StyleGrid.


You do not use drag and drop (from Finder to Application Window) ?

Merv, I would contact Björn about this, as stylegrid is his product.

Right, I’ve already talked to him months ago. He said the StyleGrid is one of the later ones he is working on. I was confused about what Bob had said earlier:

I was just making that comment that I according to the website it doesn’t appear to be one available for download.

I got it working with the stylegrid I was using in RealBasic. I had just forgotten to copy it over to the Plugins directory.