convert from old RB to current XOJO

I need to inspect the source of an old RB program (extension .rb) in order to understand some of the output data. Looking at the mod dates it was developed around 2009 (but the builds folder as well as the app have 2018 as mod-date so I assume that I could still open it in 2018).
When I try to open it with the current XOJO the source is greyed out. How do I convert this old RB program?

Try an intermediate version of XOJO, maybe from just after the change from RB and see what luck you have. The archive versions are available to download from the XOJO website. The modification date could be related to other factors, for example just being opened so it may not be your most reliable date guide as to changes made.Not sure why its greyed out but I am sure someone else may (when the US wakes up :slight_smile: )

I will try 2013, the year the name was changed to RealStudio. I noticed that old RB projects with .rbp as extension are readable (but give a lot of errors). I could also try to change the extension from .rb to .rbp

Trying old XOJO’s requires me to return to old OSX supporting the Classic OS. That is really too much work. Changing the extension to .rbp does load the old real basic source. But in that case ‘run’ is greyed out. The solution is to create a new app and copy paste the elements of the old source to the new created app while updating all the depreciated aspects. Not ideal but for smaller projects workable.

run is probably greyed out because you’re on 10.15 truing to run a 32 bit debug version
switch that to 64 bit and off you go

as for selecting the project being greyed out you can often right click and select “rename” and then it will open

Thanks that worked and saved me a lot of time!

Its come in handy here as well
I dont even recall how I stumbled on “rename” working but it does !

2013 was the year Real Studio was renamed to Xojo.