Conversion to API 2 Label.Text is untitled

After I converted a project using the ‘Convert to API 2’ command, all desktop labels had ‘untitled’ in the text.
That was 259 desktop labels. Apart from the 1620 errors.
I cannot understand why such a change is forced on a developer who has been working in this environment for 22 years.
I have at least 8 other projects of this size.
Apple hasn’t dared to do anything like that to this day.

Xojo 22 r2

Immediately after running the ‘Convert to API 2’ command, the labels are still OK, but after saving and reopening, the labels are untitled.

If you can make a small sample showing how to replicate the issue (a xojo project made in xojo version x old) plus your comments, it would help Xojo on how to fix it.
Attach it with a report in


You forgot to attach the sample.xojo_binary_project where Xojo could try the conversion by themselves and see the problem. Upload the sample there or you run the risk of receiving a feedback as “we can’t replicate the issue here”.

My example is an internal note.

:person_shrugging:t2: Well… I hope they can handle an internal note… :thinking:

Have you looked at:

Thanks for the hint.
I had other issues like 16 pt round corners on rectangles, but having the label texts disappear was the final straw.

But it’s not. There is no requirement to change anything. Your API 1 code will continue to run for years to come.

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I have been told that you’ll need to update to API 2.0 DesktopControls in order to get bug fixes and those New (to Xojo) controls they announced at XDC 2022.

I hope it isn’t true.