Conversion to 64 bit

Greetings all,

My main focus is developing my Win32 app for my workplace which still uses Win7 32-bit PCs, but I want to start using the new 64-bit IDE and build for 32 bit.

I’m trying to port my custom plugin to 64 bit as well but this is proving more frustrating than it should be.

I’ve successfully built my plugin for both 32 & 64 bit, packaged it up into the correct file format, but it’s not being recognised when building. My plugin works on the last 32 bit version of the IDE 2017r2.1.

Does the IDE use the 64 bit plugin part when debugging in the IDE, and the 32 version when building for 32 bit?

Has anyone else been through this stage that can offer any tips or advice?



I recently ported my plugin to 64 bit (Xcode 9 on a Mac) with surprisingly little grief. The only problem I ran into is that unless you compress and rename the plugin with its required extension, leaving it in its folder tree uncompressed was not recognized by Xojo (even tho the docs say it should be for development purposes). Maybe I was doing something wrong.
Just follow the packaging steps in the docs and it should work as advertised.