Conversion from 2016r4.1 to 2017r1

When converting a binary project from 2016r4.1 to 2017r1 the project shows in the IDE but when trying to run it doesn’t show the running program . When the project was first saved as XML in 2016r4.1 , opened in 2017r1 and then run , the program runs like a charm.
Anyone else noticed this problem. Running on Windows 10 native , no VM.

No problems here, I just opened Example Projects\Desktop\Controls\ListBox\ListBoxExample.xojo_binary_project in 2016r4.1, saved it to desktop then opened it in 2017r1 and it opened and ran fine.

Tested it on two machines. Both with the same problem. It looks liketheprogram is running but it just doesn’t show. After conversion I can save as binary and it still works good. The program was originally started in in 2016r4.1 .

Can you replicate it in a new empty test project? (that would tell if its a project related issue or not)

What if you save the binary project as Xojo project first ?
My (win) projects saved as xojo project with 2016R3 worked well, unless some issues due to the design change been made in 2017R1. :frowning:

I have tested it with a new project and that is converting all well. Maybe someting I added to the project in the last hour that was causing the problem. The backup I restored was from 1 hour ago. Thanks for testing Julian.

Regards Eric

Why are you talking about converting ?

2017r1 is currently downloading (here) and I have for more than one hour to wait before running it.

BUT, I read the release notes.

He’s talking about converting his older project to the (new) latest version

Recompiled my 2016r4 program with 2017r1 (program goes back to RealBasic) and it worked like a charm.

Ran interactively (Cmd-R) in 64 bit - wonderful!

Noticed when I use “OPEN” in Xojo 2017r1 it shows the Xojo source code programs with custom icons instantly - 2016r4 took four or five seconds to “paint” the custom icons in the OPEN list.

All I can say at this point is WOW!. This is one of the most noticeable releases I’ve seen - it just flies! Thanks, Xojo!

PS running iMac i7 with Mac OS 10.12.4. Things just keep getting better!