Controls randomly disappear when cgi app is viewed on iPad

Hi all, I reported this issue 2 years ago Feedback #38062

Just wondering if there is any chance to bump it up! The problem still exists and affects many of my users who use iPad / Safari browsers.
Problem seems to be related to display of WebContainer objects.

I also notice that when controls disappear, they do in fact still exist, and do react to touch actions (ie buttons, labels etc still fire their UI touch events.) - if you can remember where they are on screen!

Am I the only one affected by this issue??

Have you dug into why the controls disappear?
Being more specific as to what the issue is helps them resolve it faster.

Is a CSS property being set?
Could it be somewhere in your code?
Could it be a Safari issue?

Tim, I think it is most likely a iOS issue. The Feedback Case #38062 has all the details, but briefly, there is no code involved, the problem will manifest itself with just dumb Containers and Rectangles / Labels.

Have tested it on iPad Air using Safari, and also with Chrome browser and the controls disappear (often - but not always!).
I have not tested on MAC, but have tested on Windows (Explorer / Chrome / Mozilla) and all controls appear normal on all these platforms.