Controls: order of appearance and ID/Index…

Following my previous questions, I add a PushButton and decode some values from the Controls in that window.

In a loop, I selected the controls from 0 to ControlCount… and I get (apparently) the order of creation.
In my loop, I reported the Loop Index value I used to read the Control Properties (Self.Control(Loop_Idx)).

I changed the TabIndex order and the report order is still the same. I do not recall the creation order for the 4 first Canvas, excepted for the one I created last: I remember that.
For example, here’s the data for the first four Controls:
Control TabIndex`
0 2 → Right
1 1 → Left
2 3 → Far Right
3 0 → Last added Control in the window (Far Left)

I set the Tab Index to follow the left to right order in the Window.

I loaded that project - created with an old Xojo - using the current version and it behave the same (in this regards).

Now I am asking myself why I care about that ?

TabIndex controls keyboard tab-key flow and is not the “Index” property used for Window.Control

That is what I would expect. Tab order is irrelevant.