Controls not attaching to new window

I am having a problem in which my controls, in this case, buttons are not attaching to the window they are placed in. If the window is resized the buttons are obviously not attached. I attempted to try with a new window but I still have the same issue.

what do you mean “not attached” ?

If you resize the window the buttons do not move with the window they are placed in.

open the inspector & check the locks on the controls
most times when you add a control they are only locked top and left and so resizing the window wont have any effect (since the top and left positions havent changed)

edit : for instance, the select button in this image wont move when the window is resized since its locked top & left which do not change when you make a window larger or smaller

the selected button in this image will move with the lower right corner since it is ONLY locked to the bottom & right

the canvas in this screen shot will resize since it will retain its top & left *its locked there) and also grow larger & smaller as the window is resized (since its aloso locker right & bottom)

locking will get you a lot of functionality but it wont be perfect for every situation and some times you will need to write code in the windows resized and resizing events to alter the sizes of some controls

In my case with locking is on for left and top the button will actually float off the window when the window is resized.

if you make the window smaller ?
yes … the left top lock will do that oddly enough when you make the window smaller than it is at design time

Okay I get it. That was really confusing since the original button before I added more had differing locking positions which caught me by surprise and seemed weird. I think I’m back on track. Thanks for putting up with that brain fart.

ha ! ■■■■ happens :stuck_out_tongue: