Controls Invisible on different computer

My work computer (Dell) seems to be sluggish for a lot of things which is enough to get me to switch possibly to my home laptop (a macbook). So I’d actually like to run the Windows version of Xojo in Parallels on my Macbook. I am running 2017 build 1.1 of Xojo.

(I understand I could get the mac version of Xojo, but since I’m developing an app that will only run in Windows, I am choosing to use Windows Xojo).

On my Dell (Windows 7 Professional), controls look fine. Note the drop down list boxes, and also note the borders on my text fields.

However, on the Mac Parallels (Windows 7 Home Premium), the same screenshot:

The drop downs are invisible (but are still there as you can see by the selection), and the text fields are visible but have no border.

Is there some setting that has to be changed?

Appreciate some help. Thanks.

Looks like the images aren’t liking properly:


Are you missing a plugin on the second computer?

The solution to this is in one of my feedback cases. You are missing a certain Windows update. I’ll post it when I get back to my pc unless someone finds it and posts it sooner.

Here you go, make sure you have this installed on your Parallels install:

For reference feedback://showreport?report_id=47764