Controls deleted when caption/text edited

I have found that quite regularly a control will disappear (be deleted) while I am editing text associated with it. I can’t reproduce an exact sequence of actions that lead to this problem but it happens regularly. The problem can happen when typing into a field in the inspector or if using the pop-up window to edit the text. The last time it happened I was able to Undo to regain the control but it took 4 or 5 steps to do it. These steps included things like “Undo Group Change” which I certainly had not actually done. When this happens I have the control details still visible in the Inspector but it has disappeared from the Contents pane.

Also, I find that I cannot type text at all on occasions (usually within Method code). I have to exit editing that control and re-enter it to be able to type normally. It also appears that XOJO does not properly recognize the Enter key on the numeric keypad. Text changes are not applied when you press that Enter key.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit on a Dell machine.

i have seen this a couple of times and couldn’t reproduce also.
Xojo is still acting strange sometimes. Have you made a bugreport?