Controls bleeding through Page Panel

I have an issue where controls are bleeding through a page panel.

I have a top level Page panel that is sitting directly on my main window. Each panel within this main Page panel is responsible for a certain function within the main application.

For each function within the main application I have a defined container control. I have dropped an instance of each of these container controls on its corresponding panel within the main page panel.

Each functional container control has a page panel of its own. Each of the panels has an instance of a further container control which is a sub-function of the main function.

My issue is that on some of the functional Page panels the Controls bleed through as I switch between the different panels.

I have undertaken the obvious checks like ensuring that all of the individual controls are contained within their own container control and that the container controls themselves are contained within their individual page panels. I have noticed that this occurs when I add a further page within a page panel and then drop a new container onto that new page – this just doesn’t make sense to me!

In addition, it is worth noting that I am compiling to both a Mac and Windows platform and that the issue only occurs on the Windows version. I’m developing on a Mac and I’m using the latest version of Xojo. It is the 32 bit version and the target is 32 bit.

Any helpful thoughts on this issue would be gratefully received!


I use 19 Pages in a PagePanel with hundreds of Container Controls inside those Pages. And i’ve seen the same, but always found out that those bleeding through Control had a wrong Parent Control.

A quick test here shows no such issue. If you could post a small project demonstrating the problem, that would help greatly.

may be the same as me :

[quote=252630:@Jean-Yves Pochez]may be the same as me :[/quote]

What is described there is what Sascha talks about. If a control is not properly set as child of a panel (the panel must show a red outline), it does not have the proper panelIndex, and shows on the wrong panel. The same occurs if for some reason the parent property of a control is set to nil.

One of my apps has several Page Controls with +50 pages and on some of those pages again another Page control with several pages. Never seen the issue you encounter.
That said, sometimes when dragging controls between pages can become cumbersome and they appear on a different page (index issue as Michel already explained)
My solution for this is to lock controls on each page.

Beware, because this is not supported: ! :slight_smile:

I will check again that the parent is correct on each. As I said before this is an issue in the Windows version, not the Mac version, which is why I posted here.

Will do some more research.


I found the issue.

I am controlling the page panel with another home-grown control. That control looks like the top bar in iTunes that allows the user to switch between panels. If I add another item to it, add another page to my page panel and drop a new container on that new page I can create the issue.

I have found that by clicking on my iTunes control and clicking on ‘Order Front’ the issue goes away. It seems that the order that you create the controls on the form (container) matters! Adding controls/pages/items afterwards seems to give the compiler some issues. But now that I know I can ensure all is ok.

I reiterate that the issue shows up on the Windows version of the compiled code, not on the OSX version!