Control Separator Flicker?


I just noticed that when I resize my window up and down only my two separators flicker real bad. Has anyone been able to control this? I do like the look of the separator so as a workaround I am hiding them during the resizing event and then showing them on the resized event.

Mike, by separators are you referring to your gradient filled backgrounds? If so are you calculating and painting the gradient fill every time the background is live resized?

Hi Mike. No the actual separator object on the IDE. I think ill just make a small canvas version of it and make it transparent. Thanks!

In VB6, for such issues, I stopped the app from refreshing its window. There was a built-in command, but I believe that you could achieve the same using the Windows API, and especially the message WM_SETREDRAW. It is described here (I notice that the screen shot is from a Windows computer) You will need a few declares for the API sendmessage function and such, but it should be feasible.

Louis great tip as I mainly dev for Mac OS, however my non enterprise tools are xplat. Thank you and Ill look into this.

As a side benefit, my VB6 apps were much faster processing whatever while I stopped the redraw. That should be especially true with a resize operation.