Control RDP connections

I have a desktop app. My customers access it via RDP. I want create a webapp in which I could see how many RDP connections are connected, which custommers are connected, and have the chance to shut down a particular connection.
Is this possible ?

Built in Command Line Tools:

qwinsta /?
Display information about Remote Desktop Sessions.

QUERY SESSION [sessionname | username | sessionid]
[/SERVER:servername] [/MODE] [/FLOW] [/CONNECT] [/COUNTER] [/VM]

sessionname Identifies the session named sessionname.
username Identifies the session with user username.
sessionid Identifies the session with ID sessionid.
/SERVER:servername The server to be queried (default is current).
/MODE Display current line settings.
/FLOW Display current flow control settings.
/CONNECT Display current connect settings.
/COUNTER Display current Remote Desktop Services counters informati
/VM Display information about sessions within virtual machines

You can also reset an RDP session with the “rwinsta” command:

rwinsta /?
Reset the session subsytem hardware and software to known initial values.

RESET SESSION {sessionname | sessionid} [/SERVER:servername] [/V]

sessionname Identifies the session with name sessionname.
sessionid Identifies the session with ID sessionid.
/SERVER:servername The server containing the session (default is current).
/V Display additional information.

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@Daniel_Mullins I appreciate your answer. Thank you very much.