Control Name’s String length is wrong (in SelectAll)

I discovers that with Xojo 2015r1 and checked in Xojo 2017r2.1:

In a PushButton, set the Caption to EmojiOK

This forum software does not like Emoji characters.

In the IDE, add a leading Emoji character to the Control Caption,
Select All will not select all characters.


PS: This is the third time I wrote this text, so it is very short !

El Capitan.

Interesting but even if it is a bug, I’d be happy if Xojo ignored it.

I cant recall anyone else wanting to call a control ‘textarea’ or ‘listbox’
Is there a real need for this, or does it reveal a more general issue about accented characters in the Unicode range?

Your opinion. (I do not know if I have one…)

I do not recall why I set leading Emojis to these (seven or more) PushButtons, but when I wanted to remove them (without loosing them, so I pasted the Caption into a text file), I discovered this.

BTW: I may be wrong on my text… no, but…

I was talking about the PushButton Caption, not Control Name.

A Control Name with a leading emoji… beurk (but, after all, if someone want it…).

I would have no problem if Xojo allowed Emoji characters in anything “string” (OH! sorry… “text”) related… including captions and other control labels.
I have using special unicode character symbols many times without incident… so why not an Emoji? :smiley:

Now one place where I would NOT consider this appropriate is in field, control and variable names. Something that SWIFT not only allows but touts as a feature! It destroys readabilty… seriously what does :smiley: = 5 really mean?

we already do (have for quite some time)
it cannot be the first character - that has to be ascii [a-zA-Z] and after that you can use just about anything
of course you cant use things like +(). in the name
try it

Caption … well why not.
I’ve done that myself as a test, when using symbols from dingbat fonts as the icons in pseudo taskbars.

The post label says Control Name’s String length … did the contents of the post say ‘Caption’ this morning?

Ah… I did miss the “name” part… my bad…
control NAMES should be [A-Za-z0-9_] nothing else (my opinion)

Yeah that would rally suck for anyone in any place else that might use non-ASCII characters
ie/ in most of the world