Control GPIO from Smartphone app

I am new to XOJO and I’m wondering if it is possible to create an app, actually 3 (One for iOS, Android , and Desktop) that can control the GPIO’s on my Rpi. Currently I am doing this by doing remote desktop and it is kind of killing the point of my home automation since it take time to get into the VNC. Ideally I would like to create an app I can download right from the app store and control my lights by opening the app and pushing one button…

Any help is appreciated

You can easily create a Web app that’ll run on your Pi, then you only need a browser to remote control the GPIO.

That’s great, do you know of any great videos for this exact thing?

Ideally, if I could make an app that opens the “web page” that would be even better . That way I could use it right from the home screen on my phone.

You can have a look at this project.

at android you can link a web page to home screen, see right top menu in “chrome” browser.

to read/write the correct gpio pin with wiring lib you should read this page first.