control drop shadows

I have a question which extend from this thread regarding transparent window background (transparent window background)
When controls etc. are placed in the (to be transparent) window they exhibit drop shadows in run mode (against ‘stuff’ in the background).

So the question is this, is there a technique for disabling drop shadow, by code, or is this an immutable system setting?


Frank C.

You would need to disable the window’s drop shadow

[code]Sub hasShadow(Extends pWindow As Window, Assigns pFlag As Boolean)
// Specifies whether the window has a shadow.
#if TargetCocoa
soft declare sub setHasShadow lib “Cocoa” selector “setHasShadow:” (WindowRef As WindowPtr, inFlag As Boolean)
setHasShadow pWindow, pFlag

// posted
End Sub[/code]