contract work/job offer in Australia

I am based in Sydney, but clients are all over Australia.
I have an application for travel agents which I have developed over the last decade or so for my own use.
I have sold it to one other agency who are running it to full satisfaction in their four offices.
The application currently undergoes critical evaluation by a large international Global Distribution Supplier with a view to “endorse” the application.
I have 12 potential clients waiting for the outcome.
My needs are:
a) I need a back-up on the technical side
b) I need help with installation and technical support
c) I need assistance to expand my programme:
• console application(s) to access remote server and populate locale SQLite DB to increase speed for slow internet connection locations
• encryption of sensitive data
• further development

The application is based on OpenBase db and Xojo
Openbase is installed on Linux or Mac
Most clients are Windows

I am open to discuss contract work or part time employment.
Let me know if you are interested and we can start to talk

04 11 25 86 23

really tempting, but as I am on the other side of earth… really too far to be efficient !
good luck.

Hi Jean-Yves
you never know. You could be my beachhead in Europe
or 24/7 service
Send me an email to keep on file

Tempting. But I’m even farther away.