Contextual WebMenuItem Question

Hello everyone,
I would like to force contextual menu to open on left-click on a WebImageView. This is already working on right click (which is the usual idea of contextual menu). However, I now need both left and right click to trigger this menu.
Is there a way to do it?


Does anyone have any suggestions on this? In previous versions of Xojo, there was a WebMenuItem.Popup method, but this has disappeared. We want to be able to display menu items when we want to.

I have never seen this. I can’t find it even in:

I think is a good feature to add because devices like iOS do not offer the ‘normal’ contextual menu click.

Do you know if there is a Feature Request for this?

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It looks like there is no feature request for this. We have DesktopMenuItem.PopUp, so I guess it makes sense to have it on WebMenuItem.

I’ve tried to find a version of Xojo with WebMenuItem.PopUp, but couldn’t find one @Jim_Brock.


@Ricardo_Cruz You are right. I think I was looking at posts for the DesktopMenuItem which had the Popup method. I’ll ask my colleague Meto to raise a feature request.