Contextual Menus and Retina Icons?

After being away from Xojo for well over a year, I have purchased the latest OS X desktop version again, but it seems lots of things have changed.

This is an extract from my code which creates a contextual menu entry:

base2.append(New MenuItem("Edit"))

Not sure if there is code I can add, in order to display an image to the left of it?

Is it possible to have icons in Popup menus and also in a contextual menu, without using RetinaKit?
If so, can anyone please point me in the right direction.

Thank you all in advance.

Welcome back Richard.
Look here: HiDPi Support
Available since 2016 release 1

Thanks, I looked at that, but I still have no idea if icons can be added to contextual menus which were created using my code above :frowning:

Most of existing code works just like before, albeit in 72 dpi. In this instance, what you used to do should work.

I have never had icons in a contextual menu, that’s my problem.
I just need to know if its possible to add an icon to my existing code above.



base2.append(New MenuItem("Edit"))


[code]dim m As MenuItem //temporary variable

m = New MenuItem(“Edit”) //add each item like this
m.Icon = MyEditIcon

MyEditIcon is a Picture properly setup for hiDPI.

There’s nothing builtin for icons in PopupMenus.

Thanks guys - I will take a look and try that out.
Thank you both very much.

Oh no. Why are you doing this to all of us? This place was so much less crazy. You forced me to read “the thread”.

Regarding to your question: this was discussed yesterday.