Contextual help

When using Xojo.core, Xojo-IO, etc., the contextual menu help, for example “Help for Xojo.IO.FolderItem” opens a blank Language reference page “There is currently no text in this page”.

I know of but, will be the normal help for new framework, be included in the normal contextual help?.

Make sure you right-click on the FolderItem class name, not the rest of the namespace. This works fine for me.

I think I click in the right place because the name of the page is correct

What version of Xojo are you using ?

Xojo Version 2016 r3
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1

Seems like a bug to me
Odd no ones reported it yet

In Preferences, change the “When seeking help” option to “Use built-in documentation”.

Thanks Paul, this fix the problem.

Ah, I was set to Use built-in documentation so didn’t see this bug. The bug also occurs when there’s no lengthy namespace, just a class name - i.e. iOSSound. So who’s submitting the bug report? :slight_smile:

please do
it really does sounds like a bug

You happened to luck out and I was poking around in this code AS you brought this up