Contents is missing in debugger for databaserow

Xojo 2019 Release 3
If you debug each line below, you will see a contents object in the debugger for the databaserecord, but not for the databaserow.

Dim rec As New databaserecord

Dim row As New databaserow

How can you see the contents of the row you are are building. Is this an error in databaserow?

I went ahead and filed a bug report.

Ah, thought it was issue my end! thanks Dale

Dale can you also confirm rowcount does not show in the debugger?

RowCount does not have meaning with DatabaseRow in this context since a new Row structure is being created and not yet applied to the database.

Sorry it was not in this context it was a rowset

RowCount does not show in the Debugger for a RowSet. For that matter, it doesn’t show in the old RecordSet either. If you need that, simply put a line of code like Var rc As Integer = rs.rowcount immediately after the SELECT SQL statement.

you can only see a property in the debugger, and recordcount are method results.
it is like this for years , and pretty sure it will not be changed soon.

also bear in mind that not ALL Database engines even return a valid recordcount… (SQLite does, but not all do)