Containers on PagePanels on Windows

This regards 19r2.1 on Windows 10

I have a PagePanel that is on a page of another PagePanel. In addition, the same page has a ContainerControl that acts as tabs for the child PagePanel.

In Linux and macOS, the displayed hierarchy is correct and when I display the proper page in the parent PagePanel, the Container is displayed and reacts as expected. However, on Windows, the Container is not drawn properly, exposing the controls that exist in the same area on the parent PagePanel page (say page 2) in the same area as the ContainerControl on the new page (say page 3). When I then click on the area where one of the “tabs” should be, the Container is drawn properly and functions properly. Also, this is causing the proper title on the new page to not update and the previous page’s text is displayed.

Also, I disable the Label used on the fake tabs in the Container and set it’s color to provide a non-questionable state, but this results in the disabled Labels flickering between my disable state color and what appears to be a “Shadow” text look. The Container’s look is set in the Paint event and I’m all of a sudden seeing the Paint event occurring repeatedly - but ONLY on Windows.

I’ve followed the “Flicker” discussions through the ages, but this seems new.

Here’s what it looks like in the 19r2.1 IDE:

This issues are exhibited in both the Debugger and the built application. I have verified the parenting order and that the container and second PagePanel are properly positioned.

Any ideas?

After many Profiled runs. it seems that the Paint event on the ContainerControl is being called 1,000s of time a second - but only on Windows. This is what is causing the flickering of the label in the 3rd element of the control (RDX Cartridge) as the Index in the Paint event is always 2.

I suspect that it is also what is causing the failure in properly drawing the layout when I switch to that page. I’ve verified once more that no other controls on that page are overlapping the Container.

Check this note:

If you have such layering in Windows it’s gonna cause trouble (may be as well on other platforms)

Hi Derk,
Thanks, but that’s what I do - I build the ContainerControl with it’s content and then place a copy into the main layout.

I have this offshoots of this same container loaded into 7 other places in the app without this issue. It’s what I use to maintain a truly cross-platform toolbar in my apps.