ContainerControl Name Property Error

I started using ContainerControls to ease the code maintenance for several custom windows that utilize the same set of controls. All went well with the design of the CCs, but I ran into a problem when implementing them in the windows.

I tried the drag-and-drop method of inserting the CCs into the windows (actually into a tab panel of the window). I was careful to make sure the CC was within the panel (as indicated by the red outline). But, when I analyze the project, I get the following error:

WindowAirUnit.ContRangeCircle.Name Layout (property name) - Too many arguments: got 1, expected only 0.

The CC is named ContRangeCircle and it is a child of ContainerRangeCircle.

I was able to get around this problem by inserting the CC using code, but that means I cannot see the CC in the tab panel using the IDE.

I make a test project to see if I did something wrong. My test uses a tab panel, a CC with some controls, and the drag-and-drop method worked fine.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Does your container have a custom constructor ?

I do not use a Constructor method.

If you can’t replicate it in another project, perhaps you can make a private feedback ticket and include your project?

I know this is a long time ago but, did you happen to have a “Using Xojo.Core” using clause set on the control?

Removing the clause and putting it in each of my methods fix this issue for me.