ContainerControl Issue With 2013R3

I used the Web SDK to create a wrapper in Xojo 2015R2. The control works fine in this version of Xojo.

If I open a project in Xojo 2013R3 and use the control it seems to work fine unless:

I put the control on a ContainerControl and set the containers visible property to false. When I set the containers visible property to true, I get this error:

"Cannot read property ‘refresh’ of undefined’.

So, I created a minimal control in Xojo 2013R3 with nothing more than


I get the same error when I hide then show the container.

Is this a known problem in Xojo 2013Rx?

It certainly could be, we have fixed a lot of bugs in the last two years and the WebSDK has been updated a few times since then.

Thanks Greg. I just started using WE in the last six month, but I thought there had been many updates.

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