ContainerControl in iOS or equivalent?

Hello all. I am wanting to make use of a ContainerControl in an iOS project as we have the ability to with desktop, but I see it is not an option. Is there an equivalent option for this with iOS?

Here’s my project in short. It will be a calculations app for dietitians. There can essentially be a dozen or so calculations, and ideally, I would like to push to just one view and be able to show the specific fields, labels, etc for the calculation without having to create several different views, one for each calculation.

If this isn’t possible, the several views won’t be such a hassel. I’d just like to be able to call the specific calculation container to the one view if possible and keep the amount of views on the project to a minimum.

iOS ContainerControls are not available yet, but perhaps they will be soon.


Unfortunately there is not currently a container control available for iOS. If there was, many things such as custom controls in an iOSTable and more would be much easier than they are now. If you search feedback there is a request for them.

Thank you both! So do you think the best approach for my situation for the time being is to just create the separate views?


Thanks Jason! Appreciate the prompt replies!