ContainerControl in a module

I’m finally refactoring my framework with classes and modules in a nice namespace tree.
Unfortunately I just found I can’t put a ContainerControl in a module :frowning:
I have some ContainerControls used to create custom controls, but not being able to put these in namespace really break all the beautiful of having namespaces.

I know this would not be considered a bug, just a missing feature, but again it’s not consistent.

So here it’s a feature request:

(Just discovered Window too can’t be placed in a Module.)

was frustrated too with that, I was told you can put them in folders they are made for that
but again for namesspaces it would be far better in modules…

I too think it’s a pity that that is not possible. I it won’t change, or the iOS framework wouldn’t look like that:

iOSButton iOSCanvas iOSControl iOSDatePicker ...
it would have looked like that:

iOS.Button iOS.Canvas iOS.Control iOS.DatePicker ...

The ios framework being structured as it is has nothing to do with being able to put containers or windows in modules