ContainerControl does not "deactivate" background

In my desktop app I have a window with three buttons. One of the buttons activates a ContainerControl which fills the complete window:
myContainer.EmbedWithin(mainWindow, 0, 0)

The problem is that the buttons from the window remain active. They are not visible but if you know where they are and you click there (while the ContainerControl is shown), they still react. Is there a way to deactivate these buttons?

Have you tried to set button.Enabled = False ?

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Yes, that works. I thought there would be a more elegant solution other than disabling everything that could potentially be in the background.

Working with Xojo is 50% trying to find workarounds for unexpected behaviour. Started a small desktop app for the first time in three years and in two days I have spent more time on workarounds than on the app itself. BevelButton background color does not work; Rectangle MouseUp does not work; some things work in MacOS, some things only in Windows and vice versa. It’s frustrating.

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