Container.visible fails in 2014r1

I have an application written over a year ago that uses one page with a container that centers everything on the screen and other containers that I set visibility true or false as needed. In the web page PrepareToShow, I set the centering container visibility false. Once it figures out that the user has not logged in, it shows the log in page.

I recently updated it with Xojo 2014r1 and now the centering container and all its children are visible when the app launches. In the debugger it is barely noticeable, but on the web it shows for a few seconds. When I put a breakpoint on the WebPage1.PrepareToShow, the break occurs after the page has already loaded. Is this a bug or am I not understanding the PrepareToShow event correctly?

The old version is at

The new one is at

Well … where’d prepare to show come from ?
Its not part of the Xojo framework that I can see

Oops. I should not have posted it here. PreparedToShow is an event added to web pages and web containers in Studio Stable Web Essentials.

Perhaps your problem lies there ?

The problem does not lie there. This sounds like it goes back to the Xojo problem where containers marked invisible in the IDE did not get their open/shown events called. With the latest Xojo, things get called as expected. That means developers who are paging in containers may need to manage them a little differently.

The work-around was to set the centering container visibility to false in the session open. Setting the visibility false in the IDE had no effect.