Container Transparency

I can’t get a container to have a transparent background on windows.
I have set the transparency to true.
I have made sure that the background color is not enabled.

On Mac it works great.


As far as I know then there is no good solution to this.

What’s behind it that you need to show through?

Best to explain like this:
I’m trying to build an overlay to the main window of an application. There is a “button” in the top right and when you click a menu of options hangs down over the right side of the screen.
It’s build on a container control that is all transparent except the. menu options. So when you click off the side of the “visible” area the visibility toggles.

I’m sure there are more ways to do this but I designed on Mac and it works well.

According to the documentation this should work on Mac and Windows, but I’ve recreated on a simple project on Win and it just doesn’t work.

that’s annoying…


You can fake it if you do a little bit of creative engineering…

that could work.
I might have to use MBS as it does have a function that can be used for transparent/translucent overlays.

I do think this is a Xojo bug though. Documentation says it should behave differently

The documentation is wrong.


The documentation is wrong.
It could be resolved either by changing the documentation or changing the behavior on Windows.
I’d prefer the latter as it has a big impact on x-plat GUI design, but I suspect that’s not going to happen.

AIUI, it’s all to do with how Windows handles the screen vs. macOS. Something to do with double buffereing, although why that (if it is that) might make a difference to transparency is a mystery to me.