Container redraw problem when scrolled within a window

i’ve a pretty nasty problem with my app, i have a container that is, let’s say, 1240px in height, this container is embedded in another container that is 800px height and with a scrollbar i let the user scroll the container to see the whole content.

On mac everything is fine, no problems, but in window i get all sorts of graphic artifacts.

Is there a workaround for this?

I’ve set up a little sample project with the problem here.

Thanks a lot!

Have you checked out StackView from Martin Trippensee? That would look much nicer. See .

Thanks Beatrix, i’ll take a look.

Set the Composited = True and use a (Desktop)canvas as the super (use the canvas.scroll method)

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i agree with this Composited flag it looks much better at windows 10.

Thank you so much!!

Everything works so much better after setting Composited to true, the only downside is that the HTMLViewer does not load the picture anymore, it’s all black (but if i try to drag and drop i can see that there’s the image). Any idea why this behaviour?

Thanks again.

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You can try to refesh the htmlviewer maybe?

Yeah i have a call to Refresh the HTMLView each time i scroll but it doesn’t seems to work…

Is this a recent issue or one that has got noticeably worse with recent versions of Windows or Xojo IDE versions building apps for running on Windows? I see one can set this property for a DesktopContainer in the IDE.

Edit: Should I systematically set Composited in the IDE for all DesktopContainers?

Just set the value to true only works for windows anyway but i think it changed transparency.

Does no harm to keep it on most of the times.