container overlay question


Stupid question. I like to show a container within a window upon a special user action.
The window contains more controls. If the container get visible some controls like a push button come
through which means the container,although not transparent, doesn’t cover up the area.

What can I do instead of ?

I’d probably use a PagePanel. One page for the window’s controls and other for the ContainerControl.

…or, put the other controls on a separate container so you can hide one and show the other. I do this on an app with layered containers without any bleed through

what I like to archive is this but without the button shining through.

Window without overlay:
Window with container:

Have you tried the suggestions made?

I don’t like to hide the controls or the current container in the main window which is supposed to
be covered by the overlay or I don’t understand your suggestion.

ContainerControl1.Transparent = False

It doesn’t matter if it’s transparent or not. The button comes through.
I also don’t wan’t the controls behind the overlay to receive any events.
That’s currently a big pain.

I guess I don’t understand your objection to hiding the controls that you don’t want to be usable, clickable, whatever.

I will disable the container so that no control can receive events passed from the overlay and use a custom button. Apparently
the OS Buttons (on OSX) have this sort of behavior.

Rob I may be missing what you are talking about, but based on your original post and the screen shots have you tried hiding the button when the overlay is visible? Since your overlay has transparency you most likely will have to hide the button.

ContainerControl1.Button.Visible = False