Hi. Recently upgraded from 2015r1 to 2017r1.1. Using container.embedwithin to a canvas. When canvas extent gets long, container objects on the canvas no longer draw correctly (using canvas.scroll) - truncated, jumbled etc. Is anyone else experiencing this problem - previous project worked ok in 2015r1… tried using Feedback app but ‘submit’ button is greyed out. Thanks, Dave.

You have to search Feedback for your topic before you are allowed to submit. As for the problem, I know layering other controls on a canvas can be problematic. Other than that, we’re gonna have to see the code you are using to provide any sort of help.

Hi Roger, thanks for the feedback tip -never had the need to use it for ‘yonks’. The problem I’m having must be related to 2017r1.1 as the canvas behaved perfectly in 2015r1… Very bizarre behaviour.