Container Controls Clipped

I’m trying to dynamically add webcontainers at runtime.
It’s hard to explain the use-case, so think of it like a row from a search on an online store, where there are more complex contents than a standard web listbox can handle.

I can create them on-the-fly and append them. I can even get nice scrolling that makes it feel exactly as desired.

Problem is if I add them at runtime the contents all is clipped. It appears that any WebLabel loses it’s height.

Anyone else seen this?

Yeah, this sounds familiar. If you look at the DOM, the WebLabels won’t have any height. Try making the WebLabels multiline. IIRC, it’s the vertically centered label that it just a disaster.

(ADDED:) WebEdition is trying to stay compatible with older IE by calculating a line size and vertically centering it with coordinates inside the div for the label. What it should be doing now that we all use modern browsers is CSS like:

display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle;

There are issues with using table-cell on IE8.

[quote=110733:@Greg O’Lone]There are issues with using table-cell on IE8.

Yeah, but there are issues with the current vertical centering workaround on the other 80% of browser marketshare :-).