Container controls and 'properties'

I defined a new class from a container control.
I created a computed property for the control with getters and setters, I’m trying to figure out what i do with the Attributes section in the getter and setter?
The interface is asking for a name, value, description and include in:
Can you point me to documentation about this interface or explain?

All the check boxes are all set except for iOS 32


The screenshot in the docs shows iOS 32 bit selected, I guess Xojo decided to not set that as iOS is 64 bit only for many years now. Link to the docs:

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There is no 32-bit iOS any more. When Xojo iOS first started, there were 32-bit processors and simulators, but they no longer exist.

Thank you for the links.
I may be mistaken, but I thought that setting these introspection attributes also gave you the ability to set properties in the IDE property inspector.

Are you thinking of Inspector Behaviour?

If so, right-click on your container and choose “Inspector Behaviour…” to open the special dialog to set which of your custom properties to show in the IDE Inspector.