Container Control Dimensions

Would it be useful to specify the width and/or the height of a IOSContainerControl?

I’m thinking of situations where like custom table cells where it would be actually useful to know the height, and I’d like to set it in the IDE.

The idea would be to have height and width properties available in the IDE. Default would be zero (0), in which case things work as they do now.

One could set the height and/or width and the container would then conform to those dimensions.


doesn’t that defeat the AutoLayout

[quote=311038:@Bob Gordon]Would it be useful to specify the width and/or the height of a IOSContainerControl?


I believe you already have these properties.

Not necessarily. Auto Layout may simply move the control without modifying its size. All depends on the constraints set for it.


Yes, the properties exist, but I don’t see that on can set them in the IDE. If I put a container control in a view, I can set things to my heart’s content with AutoLayout. What I am proposing is being able to set width/height when one is designing the container control.

File a feature request.

Add this feedback case in your favorites to get it more attention: <>

Workaround :

  • Make the iOSContainerControl external, or export it, as XML.
  • Modify Width and Height in that part of the code with a pure ASCII editor :

<PropertyVal Name="Width">320.00</PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="Visible">True</PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="Top">0.00</PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="Left">0.00</PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="Height">480.00</PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="AccessibilityLabel"></PropertyVal> <PropertyVal Name="AccessibilityHint"></PropertyVal>

  • Make Internal again or import back the iOSContainerControl.