Consultant Request: Ltd BurStroyProject

Name: Vctor Vasilevsky
Company: Ltd BurStroyProject

Contact Information

Phone: +7(915)415-8755

Location: Russian Federation
Platform: ANY

Need to develop Plugin or Visual component similar to webHtmlViewer for Xojo v2020-2024 for WebApplication, Which would have no JS restrictions.
Currently, Xojo’s WebHTMLviewer has severe limitations that prevent the use of HTML with JS included.
Willing to discuss a serious amount of remuneration


Doesn’t @Christian_Schmitz have an MBS plugin that might work?

An eyebrow-raiser might be the requestor location. Due to all the “Special Military Operations” going on… Sadly, it might be a challenge to do business with people in that region, with all the sanctions.

Or is it not as black-and-white as I might think? :thinking:

This is a request for a WebHTMLViewer.

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True, but I also read Platform: ANY :thinking:

It’s for Web.


We have talked to this person and he is aware of MBS and is looking for a consultant for his project.

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